2021 District Conference Survey


Toastmasters International World Headquarters announced on August 24, 2020 that owing to the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, all Speech Contests at the Area-, Division-, and District-levels must be conducted online. 


As for the Annual District Conference and Council meetings, Districts have the option to conduct both online through June 30, 2021.  Whereas in the event that an in-person event is organized, the District must provide online participation options for members who cannot attend in person.


As this would have considerable impacts in terms of budgeting, planning and the best use of resources, our District is now conducting a survey on the format of District Conference that will take place between May 28-30, 2021, and the corresponding commitment level required that members would prefer.

(To know more about the 2021 Fuzhou District 89 Conference's planning so far, please click here)

Toastmasters International 世界总部于2020年8月24日宣布,由于COVID-19大流行的持续影响,所有在小区、中区和大区级别的演讲比赛都必须在线上进行。







2021 District Conference Survey 大区峰会问卷调查
1. Given the above situation, which District Conference Format do you prefer to attend? 基于上述情况下,您希望参加哪种形式的大区峰会?
2. If the District Conference is still to be held as an in-person one in Fuzhou, are you willing to buy a ticket (at CNY898 / HKD985 / MOP1,015) now? (If you have already bought a ticket, please choose 'Yes') 如果大区峰会仍会在福州以实体形式举行,您现在是否愿意 (以CNY898 / HKD985 / MOP1,015的价格) 购买门票? (如果您已经买了票,请选择“是”)
3. If the above (in-person format) is No, what is/are the reason(s)? (Click all that apply) 如果以上(实体形式)为“否”,原因是什么? (点击所有适用项)
4. If the District Conference will be changed to an online format, are you willing to buy a ticket (at CNY99 / HKD109 / MOP112) now? A professionally organised online event would still involve cost such as platform design, bandwidth, onsite technical support etc. (Please choose an option no matter if you have already bought a ticket or not) 如果将大区峰会更改为线上形式,您现在是否愿意(以 CNY99 / HKD109 / MOP112)购买门票? 专业组织的线上活动仍将涉及诸如平台设计、带宽、技术支持等费用。(无论您是否已买票,请选择一个选项)
5. If the above (online format) is No, what is/are the reason(s)? (Click all that apply) 如果以上(线上形式)为“否”,原因是什么? (点击所有适用项)

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